We're still working on the site.... be patient!

Hey Guys, Just an update. Over 12 months ago, a group of us took over this site with the goal to enhance NDTCalc.com to become the premier resource for news, employment and NDT resources. While it may appear not much has happened, there's been A LOT of development in the background on our testing server. The new site will launch in early 2017.
  • News stories, related to NDT and the greater inspection community will be posted every day.
  • A lot of exciting new calculators and training tools are being developed and will shortly be made available.
  • Multiple choice exams are being refined and expanded. there will be more questions in the exams banks and the quizzes will expand to include eddy current, phased array and ToFD.
  • Jobs will be regularly posted on our job section/map. We know that NDT technicians are a transient mob! So we aim to post jobs on the global map and also create a system where users can log their certifications that will directly alert employers when a match is made.
  • We're also about to target a few equipment suppliers to lend us equipment to write articles and reviews on new and interesting products.
The goal of taking over this site was to create a hub for people with a keen interest in NDT and to create a community where people with that interest can visit and have every resource at their finger tips. We've received a lot of feedback and comments from current users and a lot of that has been fed in to the development of the new site. Like we said, be patient, stay keen and get ready for the new site that will blow your socks off! we're only a few months away. In the mean time, keep using this site, keep pushing probes and keep letting us know how we can continue to better the site by writing to admin@ndtcalc.com. 

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Bill Crayton of Wisconsin posted on 21-12-2016
I think a few of us have been hanging out for these promised changes....
Greg of USA posted on 18-12-2016
Hey, Great to hear. Looking forward to seeing the new site


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