Offshore Radiation Exposed Worker was 'Most Likely Asleep' in Container

An Offshore worker who was reportedly blasted with radiation during an NDT test on the Lomond Platform in the North Sea was most likely asleep in a container an initial investigation has found.

According to sources the Sparrows Employee spent around 4 hours in a container inside a barriered off area where NDT testing was being performed. Oil and Gas People believes that although the individual spent considerable time in the area, the potential exposure time due to the nature of the testing process was only around 5 minutes as only 4 'shots' were taken over the course of the works.

The Storeman was discovered after he exited the tools container 4 hours after starting his nightshift on Sunday evening and found himself in the middle of a live test area.

According to the Permit to Work issued for the works, tannoy announcements were made at 15 minute intervals prior to each test. The investigation is continuing to establish why these announcements were not heard and how the employee was not spotted by the NDT team on their area inspections.

It is believed the BG Group and Stork are trying to recreate the test conditions with a probe inside the container to establish what level of radiation the employee may have been exposed to.

A spokeswoman for Stork said: "During a routine inspection involving radiography techniques it was suspected that an offshore worker was found to be within a barriered off area that was put in place as per permit to work processes.

The individual has received medical evaluations both offshore and onshore and is confirmed to be safe. Stork is working closely with the BG Group to conduct a full investigation.”

A spokesman for Sparrows Group said: “We are relieved that following a thorough medical check, our employee is safe and well. He was carrying out a daily routine task within a rigging loft at the time of the incident. We will continue to work alongside the operator and other contractors as the investigation is carried out.”

Oil and Gas People learned yesterday that an HSE Inspector is currently onboard the BG operated platform and the Health and Safety Executive have confirmed they are aware and are making initial enquiries.

The Lomond Platform is currently shutdown and is undergoing an upgrade project, overseen by a number of contractors including Stork. Originally Posted at

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