50 Question UT quiz

1. Which of the following materials is most likely to produce the greatest amount of sound attenuation over a given distance?

2. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

3. When inspecting course grained material, which of the frequencies below will generate a sound wave that will be most easily scattered?

4. An alloyed metal contains:

5. The velocity of surface waves is approximately________ the velocity of shear waves in the same material.

6. Mode conversion, occurs when a sound wave encounters an interface between materials of different acoustic impedance and:

7. The piezoelectric material in a search unit or probe which vibrates to produce ultrasonic waves is called:

8. When a longitudinal wave encounters an interface between two material with different accoustic impedances, what occurs when the

9. What is the material called that is used to improve the transmission of ultrasonic sound energy from the transducer into the part

10. The process of adjusting an instrument or device to a reference standard is referred to as:

11. Overaging of an aluminium alloy can occur due to:

12. Creep crack growth occurs under:

13. The number of 25 million cycles per second can also be stated as:

14. The purpose of the backing material in a transducer is to:

15. During contact testing signal amplitude variations from a reflector can occur due to:

16. Couplant displaces the__________ and makes it possible to get more sound energy into the test specimen.

17. The indication on the oscilloscope screen which represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called:

18. In an A-scan presentation, the amplitude of vertical indications on the screen represents:

19. A material used between the face of a search unit and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations is:

20. The reason why you must ensure that a test object is thoroughly cleaned before ultrasonic inspection is.

21. Dead zone size depends on:

22. The active element of most acoustic transducers used today is:

23. The amount of beam divergence from a transducer (crystal) is primarily dependent on:

24. Which type of test block is used to check horizontal linearity and the dB accuracy per requirements of AWS and AASHTO?

25. What part of the ultrasonic machine generates short, large-amplitude pulses of controlled energy?

26. The boundary between two different materials which are in contact with each other is called:

27. When a wave encounters an interface at an oblique angle, what takes place at the interface due to the different sound velocities

28. Air is not a good transmitter of ultrasound because:

29. Which type of screen presentation displays a plan-type view of the location and size of the test specimen features?

30. Which of the following probes is most commonly used for testing welded metals for laminations before angle beam inspection.

31. As frequency increases in ultrasonic testing, the angle of beam divergence of a given diameter crystal:

32. The process of adjusting an instrument or device to a standard is called:

33. When performing a surface wave test, indications may result from:

34. An ultrasonic testing instrument that displays pulses representing the magnitude of reflected ultrasound as a function of time is referred to as:

35. Which of the following waves is only able to travel through a thin section of material?

36. Longitudinal waves are also called:

37. Significant errors in ultrasonic thickness measurements can occur if;

38. Primarily the velocity of sound waves is dependent on:

39. in ___________ ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the test material in the form of repetitive shock vibrations

40. When examining thin materials for planar discontinuities oriented parallel to the part surface, what testing method is most often used:

41. The maximum height of an indication obtainable from a given size small discontinuity on an A-scan ultrasonic instrument can be used to determine:

42. What is used to establish a general level of consistency in measurements, and to help interpret and quantify the information evaluated during inspection:

43. Which of the following determines how much sound is reflected at an interface:

44. A loss of reflected ultrasonic signal may be due to:

45. The sound that emanates from a piezoelectric transducer originates:

46. An ultrasonic test using a straight beam contact search unit (probe) is being conducted through the thickness of a flat part. This method is best for detecting:

47. What type of transducer contains two independently operating elements in a single housing?

48. What law can be used to calculate the angle of refraction within a metal for both longitudinal and shear waves?

49. The incident angle at which the transmitted longitudinal wave first ceases to exist in the refracting medium is the:

50. Gas discontinuities are reduced to flat discs or other shapes parallel to the surface by:


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