50 Question UT quiz

1. The transducers most commonly found in ultrasonic search units used for discontinuity testing utilize:

2. In ultrasonic testing, a liquid coupling medium between the transducer face and the part surface is necessary because:

3. When performing a contact inspection on a curved surface, what pieced of equipment can be used to improve coupling?

4. The angle of reflection of a longitudinal wave at an interface:

5. The frequency marked on a transducer indicates:

6. The minimum detectable defect size for a 5MHz probe in Aluminium (V = 6.3Km/s) is:

7. A discontinuity that occurs during the casting of molten metal which may be caused by the splashing, surging, interrupted pouring is:

8. The accuracy of an ultrasonic thickness test is influenced by?

9. Immersion transducers have:

10. Contact transducers are used for direct contact inspections, and are generally:

11. In an A-scan presentation, the amplitude of vertical indications on the screen represents:

12. In some inspection procedures the suppression (reject) control is required to be turned off, this is because suppression may:

13. The number of 25 million cycles per second can also be stated as:

14. The process of adjusting an instrument or device to a standard is called:

15. Significant errors in ultrasonic thickness measurements can occur if;

16. Which type of screen presentation displays a profile or cross-sectional view of the test specimen?

17. The number of complete waves which pass a given point in a given period of time (usually a second) is referred to as the:

18. DACC stands for:

19. The distance of a discontinuity from the ultrasonic transducer cannot be determined when using the:

20. Which of the following waves is only able to travel through a thin section of material?

21. When examining thin materials for planar discontinuities oriented parallel to the part surface, what testing method is most often used:

22. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

23. Shear waves do not propagate in:

24. A term used to describe the ability of ultrasonic testing equipment to detect discontinuities close to the back wall of test material is:

25. DAC stands for:

26. TIG welding is also known as:

27. The amount of beam divergence from a transducer (crystal) is primarily dependent on:

28. As the acoustic impedance ratio between two materials approaches 1 the amount of sound reflected at an interface:

29. The ultrasonic testing of material where the search unit or probe is in direct contact with the material being tested is called:

30. Which of the following ultrasonic techniques require the probe to be held firmly against component?

31. A test method employing two separate search units (probes) on opposite surfaces of the material being tested is called:

32. The area in front of a transducer where there are extensive fluctuations in the sound field is called the:

33. An ultrasonic test using a straight beam contact search unit (probe) is being conducted through the thickness of a flat part. This method is best for detecting:

34. When an ultrasonic beam passes through the interface of two dissimilar materials at an angle, a new mode of sound travel is changed due to:

35. When the motion of the particles of a medium are at right angles to the direction of wave motion, the wave being transmitted is called a:

36. Dead zone size depends on:

37. Parts subject to cyclic or vibrational loading are most likely to experience

38. What law can be used to calculate the angle of refraction within a metal for both longitudinal and shear waves?

39. The formula Sina1/Sinv1 = Sina2/Sinv2 is used to determine:

40. The act of evaluating and adjusting the precision and accuracy of the measurement equipment is called:

41. The indication on the oscilloscope screen which represents the far boundary of the material being tested is called:

42. The velocity of surface waves is approximately________ the velocity of shear waves in the same material.

43. Beam spread is greater when using:

44. Linear defects are more dangerous than volumetric defect because:

45. Alloying results in an increase in

46. The first critical angle describes the condition where the:

47. The ultrasonic method that steers a sound beam by the use of multiple elements is known as:

48. Increasing the frequency of an ultrasonic longitudinal wave will result in ___________in the velocity of that wave.

49. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

50. When sound travels through a medium:


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