50 Question UT quiz

1. The sound that emanates from a piezoelectric transducer originates:

2. Artificial flaws can be produced by using:

3. A material used between the face of a search unit and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations is:

4. A test method in which the part to be inspected is separated from the search unit by water or some other liquid couplant is called

5. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

6. The acoustic impedance of materials is used to:

7. The ultrasonic test method in which finger damping in most effective in locating a discontinuity is:

8. Which type of screen presentation displays the amount of received ultrasonic energy as a function of time?

9. Which of the following ultrasonic techniques require the probe to be held firmly against component?

10. Which of the following search units would contain the thinnest ceramic crystal?

11. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

12. In an ultrasonic instrument, the number of pulses produced by an instrument in a given period of time in known as the:

13. The number of 25 million cycles per second can also be stated as:

14. A disadvantage of using natural quartz crystals in a search unit is:

15. Overaging of an aluminium alloy can occur due to:

16. The ability to locate a small discontinuity is called:

17. Under most circumstances, which of the following frequencies would result in the best resolving power?

18. In angle-beam testing, when the geometry of the part is relatively uncomplicated and the orientation of a flaw is well known, the best method of sizing the flaw is:

19. Which of the following waves is able to follow a surface around a curve?

20. The angle of reflection of a longitudinal wave at an interface:

21. Contact transducers often incorporate a:

22. Sound can propagate as:

23. Which of the following defects are to be found in an aluminium casting?

24. A test method employing two separate search units (probes) on opposite surfaces of the material being tested is called:

25. The number of complete waves which pass a given point in a given period of time (usually a second) is referred to as the:

26. On an A-scan display the dead zone refers to:

27. As the acoustic impedance ratio between two materials approaches 1 the amount of sound reflected at an interface:

28. Which of the following probes is most commonly used for testing welds for toe cracks:

29. The ability to locate discontinuities that are close together within the material is called:

30. All other factors being equal, which of the following modes of vibration has the greatest velocity?

31. The terms used to describe a technique’s ability to locate flaws are:

32. The total resistance that the cable presents to the electrical current passing through it is called:

33. Gas discontinuities are reduced to flat discs or other shapes parallel to the surface by:

34. Three casting processes are:

35. Defects are generally known as volumetric or planar and it is considered that:

36. The transducers most commonly found in ultrasonic search units used for discontinuity testing utilize:

37. The piezoelectric material in a search unit or probe which vibrates to produce ultrasonic waves is called:

38. Cyclic or vibrational loading of parts may result in:

39. The combined effect of scattering and absorption is called:

40. Surface or Rayleigh waves travelling along the surface of relative thick solid material, penetrate to a depth of approximately:

41. in ___________ ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the test material in the form of repetitive shock vibrations

42. The incident angle at which the transmitted longitudinal wave first ceases to exist in the refracting medium is the:

43. Which type of calibration block closely resembles the miniature angle-beam block and is used in a similar way?

44. As frequency increases, sound tends to:

45. What is used to establish a general level of consistency in measurements, and to help interpret and quantify the information evaluated during inspection:

46. What is used to support the active element and dampen the transducers characteristics?

47. Resonance or standing waves are a result of:

48. Which material properties affect the speed of sound within a material?

49. Smith forging and which of the following are recognised metal forging processes:

50. When using a compression and shear wave of the same wavelength, which of the following media will transmit both modes:


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