30 Question UT quiz

1. Defects are generally known as volumetric or planar and it is considered that:

2. In the transverse or shear wave, the particles:

3. The second critical angle is the angle of the incident beam at which:

4. Which type of screen presentation displays a plan-type view of the location and size of the test specimen features?

5. Which type of calibration block closely resembles the miniature angle-beam block and is used in a similar way?

6. A term used to describe the ability of ultrasonic testing equipment to detect discontinuities close to the back wall of test material is:

7. When performing a contact inspection on a curved surface, what pieced of equipment can be used to improve coupling?

8. When conducting a contact ultrasonic test, the hash, grass or irregular signals that appear in the CRT display of the area because:

9. When a single element transducer is operating in the pulse echo mode, the element:

10. Increasing the frequency of an ultrasonic longitudinal wave will result in ___________in the velocity of that wave.

11. An alloyed metal contains:

12. Gas discontinuities are reduced to flat discs or other shapes parallel to the surface by:

13. The number of cylces per second is the definition of:

14. In angle-beam testing, when the geometry of the part is relatively uncomplicated and the orientation of a flaw is well known, the best method of sizing the flaw is:

15. The reason why you must ensure that a test object is thoroughly cleaned before ultrasonic inspection is.

16. A material used between the face of a search unit and the test surface to permit or improve the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations is:

17. An angle probe uses a wedge to create the angle which is most commonly made of:

18. Which type of screen presentation displays the amount of received ultrasonic energy as a function of time?

19. The area in front of a transducer where there are extensive fluctuations in the sound field is called the:

20. Significant errors in ultrasonic thickness measurements can occur if;

21. When performing a surface wave test, indications may result from:

22. Which type of test block is used to check horizontal linearity and the dB accuracy per requirements of AWS and AASHTO?

23. A second name for compression wave is:

24. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

25. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

26. The first critical angle describes the condition where the:

27. The freznel zone is also known as the:

28. When the motion of the particles of a medium are at right angles to the direction of wave motion, the wave being transmitted is called a:

29. Which type of transducer will have better resolution?

30. The amount of beam divergence from a transducer (crystal) is primarily dependent on:


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