30 Question UT quiz

1. in ___________ ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the test material in the form of repetitive shock vibrations

2. Which of the following materials is most likely to produce the greatest amount of sound attenuation over a given distance?

3. The reason why you must ensure that a test object is thoroughly cleaned before ultrasonic inspection is.

4. Immersion transducers have:

5. The acoustic impedance of materials is used to:

6. On an A-scan display the dead zone refers to:

7. The ability to locate a small discontinuity is called:

8. Which of the following ultrasonic techniques require the probe to be held firmly against component?

9. When the motion of the particles of a medium are in the same direction as the direction of wave motion, the wave being transmitted is called a:

10. What law can be used to calculate the angle of refraction within a metal for both longitudinal and shear waves?

11. Why aren’t real defects commonly used in calibration and reference standards?

12. Mode conversion, occurs when a sound wave encounters an interface between materials of different acoustic impedance and:

13. Sound can propagate as:

14. Near surface resolution is a characteristic of an ultrasonic testing system which defines its ability to:

15. As frequency increases, sound tends to:

16. Three casting processes are:

17. A term used to describe the ability of ultrasonic testing equipment to detect discontinuities close to the back wall of test material is:

18. Gas discontinuities are reduced to flat discs or other shapes parallel to the surface by:

19. A test method employing two separate search units (probes) on opposite surfaces of the material being tested is called:

20. Which of the following would make a good couplant?

21. A test method in which the part to be inspected is separated from the search unit by water or some other liquid couplant is called

22. Dielectric materials or insulators have very low conductivity because:

23. The ultrasonic testing of material where the search unit or probe is in direct contact with the material being tested is called:

24. In the transverse or shear wave, the particles:

25. As frequency increases in ultrasonic testing, the angle of beam divergence of a given diameter crystal:

26. A calibration block produced by the International Institute of Welding is called:

27. Less damped transducers will exhibit:

28. The sound that emanates from a piezoelectric transducer originates:

29. A second name for compression wave is:

30. Creep crack growth occurs under:


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