30 Question PT quiz

1. Cast grey iron would be inspected using what inspection technique:

2. Developer assists in the detection of penetrants retained in discontinuities by aiding the:

3. A part has been tested using a solvent-removable visible (red dye) penetrant. Which of the following is true if the part is to be tested at a later date?

4. The flash point of a fluorescent penetrant is:

5. The part is an aluminium casting. Description - the casting has a very complex design. In one section there is a flat area having a thickness of 3 mm (1/8). In the centre of this area is a round section, 50mm (2) thick and 25mm (1) in diameter. There are linear indications about one-half the distance around the base where it joins into the thin section. The indication is termed:

6. Which of the following discontinuities could be classified as a service induced discontinuity?

7. Why is it advisable to have a black light installed at the wash station?

8. Which of the following penetrant inspection processes is generally agreed to be the most sensitive and reliable?

9. The emulsifier in the post-emulsifiable penetrant method:

10. The greater the blacklight intensity and the lower the ambient white light intensity

11. If the ultra-violet lamp being used for inspection has a cracked filter:

12. Which of the following statements concerning contaminating materials on the surface of a part to be penetrant tested is not true?

13. Developer assists in the detection of the visible dye penetrant test indications by:

14. Which of the following discontinuities might be found in a welded fabrication?

15. Which of the items listed below is not an advantage of the liquid penetrant test method?

16. Which of the following is not a recommended method of removing grease from a surface of a part to be penetrant tested?

17. Water-washable liquid penetrants differ from post-emulsification penetrants in that water-washable penetrants:

18. The part is an aluminium forging. Description - the indication is sharp, half-moon shape, not deep, and is called a:

19. Which of the foflowing could be a source of false indications on a test specimen?

20. Which of the following is TRUE concerning vapour degreasing prior to penetrant inspection?

21. Which of the following methods for applying non-aqueous developer is normally considered most effective?

22. The ability to visually identify a discontinuity using liquid penetrant depends upon:

23. Some alloys are susceptible to corrosion or embrittlement due to the chemical action between the alloy and penetrant. This problem can be avoided after inspection by:

24. Which of the following is most apt to render the post-emulsification test ineffective?

25. Which of the following is an advantage of fluorescent penetrants over visible type penetrants?

26. Which penetrant test materials should be highly volatile?

27. Which of the following is an advantage of visible dye penetrants over fluorescent penetrants?

28. Fluorescent materials used in fluorescent penetrants respond most actively to radiant energy, of a wavelength of approximately:

29. When carrying out penetrant leak testing:

30. Which of the following contaminants could affect the sensitivity of a penetrant?


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