30 Question PT quiz

1. Which of the following is TRUE concerning vapour degreasing prior to penetrant inspection?

2. The sulphur found in penetrant materials are detrimental to:

3. An important difference between non-water-washable penetrants and water-washable penetrants is that:

4. Why is it advisable to have a black light installed at the wash station?

5. The ability to visually identify a discontinuity using liquid penetrant depends upon:

6. Different types of discontinuities in various materials require different penetration limes. In general, fine, tight cracks require:

7. The penetrant indication for a cold shut on the surface of a casting will be:

8. Which of the statements below best states the danger of using sandblasting for cleaning surfaces to be penetrant tested?

9. How is the degree of washing assessed when removing fluorescent penetrant:

10. Which of the following discontinuities could be classified as an inherent discontinuity often found in cast material?

11. Which system would provide maximum sensitivity for detection of fatigue cracks in an aircraft wheel?

12. A term used to define defect is:

13. The emulsifier in the post-emulsifiable penetrant method:

14. A commonly used method of checking the overall performance of a penetrant system is by:

15. Electrostatic application of penetrant materials is preferred because

16. Which of the items listed below is not an advantage of the liquid penetrant test method?

17. An NDT procedure specifies a minimum penetrant dwell period of 30 minutes. What dwell period should be used if the component was to be inspected at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius?

18. The tendency of a liquid penetrant to enter a discontinuity is primarily related to:

19. Which of the following physical properties, more than any other, determines what makes material a good penetrant?

20. Which of the following statements concerning contaminating materials on the surface of a part to be penetrant tested is not true?

21. Which of the following discontinuities would be impossible to detect using a liquid penetrant test?

22. If the ultra-violet lamp being used for inspection has a cracked filter:

23. Tests for penetrant sensitivity may best be conducted using:

24. Which of the following characteristics are normally considered when selecting the type of penetrant to be used in a penetrant test?

25. When penetrant testing for shallow discontinuities using a post emulsification penetrant, the emulsification time should belong enough to:

26. During a penetrant test, water was used to remove the surface penetrant after the penetrant dwell. The surface:

27. The main purpose of the filter on a black light source is to:

28. The tendency of a liquid penetrant to enter a discontinuity is primarily related to:

29. The flash point of a fluorescent penetrant is:

30. Which of the statements below concerning the operation of the black light bulbs of the mercury arc type is NOT true?


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