30 Question PT quiz

1. Which of the foflowing could be a source of false indications on a test specimen?

2. Which of the following contaminants could affect the sensitivity of a penetrant?

3. An NDT procedure specifies a minimum penetrant dwell period of 30 minutes. What dwell period should be used if the component was to be inspected at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius?

4. Which factor would apply in determining the dwell time required for the penetrant to be effective?

5. When post-emulsifiable penetrant is kept in open tanks for application by immersion:

6. Which of the following is not good practice when penetrant testing?

7. Which of the following types of discontinuities will not be detected by the liquid penetrant test method?

8. The emulsifier in the post-emulsifiable penetrant method:

9. When performing a liquid penetrant test using solvent removable visible dye penetrant one method listed below is generally regarded as most suitable for giving accurate test results?

10. Which of the following is TRUE concerning vapour degreasing prior to penetrant inspection?

11. Which discontinuities are more dangerous?

12. The part is an aluminium casting. Description - the casting has a very complex design. In one section there is a flat area having a thickness of 3 mm (1/8). In the centre of this area is a round section, 50mm (2) thick and 25mm (1) in diameter. There are linear indications about one-half the distance around the base where it joins into the thin section. The indication is termed:

13. Which of the following disconthiuities could be classified as a finishing processing discontinuity?

14. Shrinkage cracks or hot tears are usually found in what areas of a casting?

15. Cast grey iron would be inspected using what inspection technique:

16. If the ultra-violet lamp being used for inspection has a cracked filter:

17. During a penetrant test, water was used to remove the surface penetrant after the penetrant dwell. The surface:

18. Sensitiviy of the inspection may be reduced with water-washable fluorescent penetrant by

19. Dry developer should be applied:

20. The penetrant indication for a cold shut on the surface of a casting will be:

21. The tendency of a liquid penetrant to enter a discontinuity is primarily related to:

22. Which of the following is a discontinuity that might be found in a forging?

23. A term used to define defect is:

24. Which of the following penetrant inspection processes is generally agreed to be the most sensitive and reliable?

25. A penetrant indication, suspected of resulting from a small crack, is found in a titanium compressor blade. Which of the following NDT methods would most reliably confirm that a crack is present?

26. Which of the statements below concerning the operation of the black light bulbs of the mercury arc type is NOT true?

27. What is the most common purpose of non-destructive testing?

28. Which of the following is a discontinuity that might be found in rolled plate stock?

29. Which of the following is a discontinuity that might be found in a forging?

30. When using a non-aqueous wet developer with a visible (red dye) penetrant, the developer coating for the maximum available sensitivity should be:


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